Hollow Metal Doors and Fire Safety: Protecting Your Business and Employees

Aug 11, 2023 | Commercial Doors, Doors made of hollow metal, Hollow Metal Doors

Accidents can happen in workplaces, and it is important to be prepared for them beforehand to avoid loss of finances, valuables, and, most importantly, the lives of your employees. It is essential that you prioritize safety and security while modeling your business space, choosing fixtures and systems, and in your interior design so that you and your employees can work with peace of mind!

Fire outbreaks are among the most common workplace accidents in America. You’ll be shocked to know that over 3800 people are killed as a result of fire accidents each year in the US! In addition to that, workplace fires cause millions of dollars in loss (building and equipment damage, documentation loss, etc.) on average annually! This is why it is important to incorporate as many fire safety measures in your commercial space as possible!

Doors are some of the most important fixtures in a workspace. They can play a key role in protecting your business and employees by stopping the spread of flames in case of a fire outbreak. This is why fire-rated hollow metal doors are recommended globally as a standard for offices and commercial spaces.

Let’s discuss the role of hollow metal doors and door frames in fire safety and how they can protect your business and, most importantly, the lives of your employees in case of a fire accident!

What Are Fire-Rated Hollow Metal Doors?

Hollow metal doors built to resist extremely high temperatures and fire are known as fire-rated doors. These doors are manufactured from sheets of metal and have a hollow interior. Fire-rated doors are designed in such a way as to protect important rooms and employees in case of a fire outbreak. These doors are coated with special paints and chemicals that help them resist extremely high temperatures.

Based on their quality and the material used to build them, fire-rated doors can withstand flames for 30 minutes to even three hours! This gives the employees enough time to safely exit the burning floor or building. Fire-rated doors are labeled according to the time period for which they can withstand fire without being seriously damaged.

Fire-rated hollow metal doors are available in a variety of design options. Glass cutout and louver-fitted options are also available in these doors. You can also get a custom hollow metal door built just like you want. Moreover, fire-rated stainless steel doors are available as well!

Where Are Fire-Rated Doors Used?

Fire-rated doors are very commonly fitted in offices, factories, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. Factories are the most prone to fire accidents, which is why it has now been made a global standard to install fire-rated doors in factories for the safety of employees. Many states in the US also have it as a rule to install fire-rated doors in workplaces to create a safe, secure workspace.

Fire-rated commercial steel doors are now being preferred over wood doors in high-end commercial and residential buildings. Interestingly, an increasing trend has been seen in the use of fire-rated doors in houses. Homeowners prefer fire-rated doors as they are much more tough, durable, and secure as compared to other wood, fiberglass, or PVC options.

Why Are Hollow Metal Doors Important for Fire Safety?

Fire-rated hollow metal doors are made out of pure metal or metal alloy (most commonly steel), which do not burn when in contact with flames. Moreover, for further protection, these specially designed doors are coated with special chemical mixes and paints so they become resistant to extreme temperatures. Fitting these doors in your workspace will help you protect your business and employees in case of a fire outbreak. These doors can be sealed completely to prevent flames and smoke from spreading and damaging property. This is why these doors are important for fire safety.

How Can Hollow Metal Doors Protect Your Business and Employees in Case of a Fire?

Here are some ways in which hollow metal fire-rated doors can protect your workspace, valuables, equipment, and, most importantly, your employees in case of a fire.

Prevent the Spread of Flames

One of the primary ways fire-rated doors protect your business and employees is by preventing the spread of flames. Where a fire can lick up a wooden or fiberglass-made door in a matter of minutes, fire-rated doors won’t be damaged in the least and will stop the fire from spreading to other areas of the floor.

Safe Emergency Exit

By containing the flames where they are, fire-rated doors will give your employees enough time to make a safe emergency exit. Most buildings have emergency exit pathways to use in case of fire outbreaks or other accidents. These pathways are mostly fitted with fire-rated doors for extra protection.

Minimize Property Damage

Fires can cause major property damage. Flames can seriously damage important equipment and machines, burn important documentation, and ruin archives, all contributing to heavy financial loss. Fire-rated doors can help you minimize property damage and decrease financial losses to a minimum.

Contain Smoke

Fire smoke can contain toxic gasses and toxins, which can seriously harm the health of your employees in the event of a fire outbreak. Fire-rated doors can be sealed shut to prevent fire smoke from escaping and spreading to other areas.

Other Advantages of Fire-Rated Doors

On top of providing exceptional safety and security, a fire-rated commercial door has many other advantages as well. These doors are highly durable and long-lasting, as they are designed for rough, rigorous use. In addition to that, fire-rated doors are highly customizable and require very minimal maintenance. Moreover, these doors are eco-friendly, recyclable, and cost-efficient as well.

Choosing the Right Fire-Rated Door Providers

There are many different fire-rated door providers in the market, but not all of them provide genuine, high-quality doors. USA Fire Door is one of the most experienced brands in the field that manufactures high-standard, fire-rated commercial doors and door hardware that are designed to last decades! You can visit their official website to explore options. They offer different door types, including flush hollow metal and metal doors with glass cutouts and louver varieties.

Final Thoughts – Hollow Metal Doors and Fire Safety: Protecting Your Business and Employees

Fire accidents are a major threat to businesses and employees. Thousands of people are killed in fire accidents. This is why it is important to incorporate fire safety measures into commercial spaces, such as fire-rated hollow doors.

Fire-rated doors are coated with special paints and chemicals that make them resistant to fire. They can withstand flames for up to three hours, giving employees enough time to evacuate safely. In addition to stopping the spread of fire, these doors can also help lower overall property damage!

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