Customizing Your Hollow Metal Doors: Design Options and Trends

Aug 7, 2023 | Commercial Doors, Hollow Metal Doors

Are you a business or home-owner looking for the best door options for your commercial or residential space? Maybe you want to try something other than the traditional wooden varieties. Something that’s sturdier, more long-lasting, and provides a wider range of customizability. Well, we have just the right door options for you! Say hello to custom hollow metal doors!

Commercial hollow metal doors have been in use in factories and industrial settings for decades, but since the beginning of the 21st century, they have also found their use in offices and homes! People prefer them over their wooden or fiberglass-made counterparts due to their many benefits. No wonder hollow metal and steel doors and door frames are highly trendy nowadays!

Hollow metal doors are not just durable, long-lasting, fire-graded, and water and corrosion-resistant; these doors provide much higher safety and security as well. In addition to that, contrary to the common misconception, hollow metal doors are highly customizable! Whether you’re a fan of the traditional wooden designs that speak grandeur or are more inclined towards the modern minimalistic interior look, you can get a metal door customized however you want and in whichever design you want!

Let’s discuss some of the latest and in-demand customization options in hollow metal doors, along with popular design options and trends.

An Introduction to Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are commercial-grade doors made purely from metal or metal alloy (commonly stainless steel). These doors are manufactured using sheets of metal. Not only the doors but all their components are made of metal or metal alloy as well.

Due to their high practicality and utility, these hollow metal doors are largely used in the commercial and industrial sectors. These doors are highly durable and require very minimal maintenance. On top of that, metal doors are fire-graded, which means that they can withstand extremely high temperatures and fire.

Not just in the commercial sector, metal doors have also found their use in homes, high-end residential buildings, and offices. These doors are now preferred over wood or fiberglass ones, as they offer exceptional security and safety and are highly customizable!

Customizing Hollow Metal Doors

Many people think that tough and sturdy metal does not offer as wide a customization range as wood, PVC, or fiberglass. However, that is completely untrue. Thanks to modern metalwork techniques such as etching, molding, soldering, brazing, etc., you can now get metal shaped and customized in whatever design you want. This enables hollow metal door manufacturers to provide a wide range of design options to their customers!

You can also get your metal door painted in different colors, designs, and textures, including wooden ones! So even if you’re looking for something with a warm wooden feel with all the qualities of a metal door, you can get a hollow metal door customized just like that!

Popular Design Options and Trends

Let’s look at some popular design options and trends in hollow metal doors:

Flush Hollow Metal Doors

A flush metal door has a smooth surface that can be embossed with different designs and prints. Flush metal doors are very widely used in industries and business spaces. These doors are fire-graded and impact-resistant, which makes them the ideal option to be used as security doors. Various security systems can also be easily installed on flush metal doors.

Commercial 6-Panel Metal Doors

Commercial 6-panel metal doors are heavy-duty doors that have a 6-panel design embossed on them. These doors are best for residential use, and people prefer them because of their wooden look. 6-Panel metal doors make great entrance doors as they are corrosion-resistant and designed for rough, rigorous use.

Commercial 2-Panel Metal Doors

Next up, we have commercial 2-panel metal doors. These doors have a 2-panel design and are widely used in offices and commercial spaces such as restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies. These doors are fire-grade and sturdy, best used for important rooms such as vaults. Moreover, their homely panel design makes them suitable for interior use in homes, apartments, and residential buildings.

Hollow Metal Door Options with Glass Cutouts

One of the most trendy metal door options today is hollow metal doors with glass cutouts. A metal door w/ glass is the best choice for someone looking for a modern, minimalistic interior look in their home or office. These metal doors are available in various designs based on the size and shape of the glass window fitted in them, such as rectangle glass, square glass, half glass, full glass, half glass w/ wide stiles, full glass w/ wide stiles, and 2-lite options.

Metal Doors with Louver

Metal doors with louvers have a section of metal louver fitted at their bottom. These designs are widely used in commercial kitchens and areas where ventilation is needed. These door options are also available with glass windows fitted in them. There are fire-rated options available in these designs as well.

Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless steel doors are the most popular variety in hollow metal doors. Stainless steel doors are widely used in commercial and residential spaces. These doors are made from sheets of stainless steel alloy (containing iron and a percentage of chromium and nickel for added strength and the signature gloss). They are available in a wide range of design options. You can get a stainless metal door with glass windows in different shapes and sizes, as well as sections of louver.

Choosing the Right Metal Door Providers

There are many different metal door providers in the market, but not all of them manufacture premium quality, commercial-grade steel doors. USA Fire Door is a well-reputed and experienced metal door and hardware manufacturing company that designs and manufactures industrial-grade, fire-rated commercial steel doors and door hardware. The brand builds doors for rough, repeated use that last decades!

USA Fire Door offers metal doors in a variety of design options, and you can also get one customized just like you want for your office, house, or commercial space!

Final Thoughts

Hollow metal doors are an amazing choice for offices, homes, industries, high-end residential buildings, and commercial spaces. These doors are durable, secure, customizable, and fire-rated. In addition to that, many types and designs are available in hollow metal doors, so you can choose one that fits your requirements. If you are looking for a high-quality hollow metal door, be sure to contact USA Fire Door!

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