The Benefits of Insulated Commercial Doors for Energy Efficiency and Climate Control

Aug 16, 2023 | Commercial Doors, Insulated Commercial Doors Archives

Commercial doors are, no doubt, revolutionizing commercial and office spaces. These industrially designed doors offer high practicality and tons of other advantages. Commercial metal doors are available in many different varieties, so no matter what kind of business you own, you can get the right commercial door for it!

Business owners prefer commercial doors because they’re extremely tough and durable, offer exceptional safety and security, are fire-rated, and require very minimal maintenance, making them a cost-saving choice. All these are commonly known features of a commercially designed door, but did you know that you can also get your commercial doors insulated?

An insulated commercial door has many added benefits. It can help you cut energy costs and create a comfortable climate-controlled workspace for your employees. In addition to that, insulated commercial doors will also help maintain a pleasant environment for your customers and guests so they have a positive impression of your business!

Especially if your business deals with temperature-sensitive products, installing insulated commercial doors in your space can prove a game changer! Let’s discuss the benefits of insulated commercial doors for energy efficiency and climate control, and see how these doors can help cut costs and create a temperature-controlled space for workers and clients.

What Are Insulated Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors that are properly insulated with industrial-grade insulation materials are called insulated commercial doors. Commonly used commercial doors such as stainless steel doors and hollow metal doors are hollow inside. This hollow cavity is filled with special materials to increase the door’s insulating ability.

Two types of insulating materials are commonly used to insulate commercial doors: polystyrene and polyurethane. Polystyrene is commonly called Styrofoam, which is known for its insulating properties. On the other hand, polyurethane is Styrofoam’s liquid form and comes in spray cans. Being liquid, polyurethane has a much better filling and offers higher insulation.

Where Are Insulated Commercial Doors Used?

Business owners now prefer insulated steel doors over regular wood doors because of their many benefits. These doors not only help conserve energy, save costs, and maintain a temperature-controlled environment but are also more durable and provide safety against extreme weather conditions.

Insulated commercial doors are most commonly used in cold storage warehouses. These warehouses store temperature-sensitive items such as frozen foods, medicines, flowers, and artworks. The quality and form of these items can deteriorate with the slightest temperature change, which is why insulated commercial doors are used to prevent loss of conditioned air and temperature fluctuation.

Moreover, insulated doors are largely used in food businesses such as restaurants and cafes, where they are used to maintain a pleasant environment by containing cooling or heating inside for customers.

Insulated Commercial Doors and Energy Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of insulated commercial doors is that they are energy efficient. Due to their insulating abilities, these doors help keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. This decreases the load on your HVAC system, which ultimately helps conserve energy and cut costs. The difference may seem minute, but once your monthly energy costs savings add up, you’ll see just how much you can save with these insulated doors.

Insulated Commercial Doors and Climate Control

Doors are the only ways through which heat or conditioned air can escape from a closed space, and by insulating them, this loss can be minimized to a great extent. Due to their insulating ability, insulated commercial doors help in climate control. These doors help maintain a pleasant temperature for employees so their productivity and efficiency are not affected.

In addition to that, insulated doors play an even more significant role in climate control in cold storage warehouses and for businesses that deal with temperature-sensitive products. Moreover, these doors help prevent temperature fluctuations, which can be uncomfortable for people and can also damage equipment.

Furthermore, insulated commercial doors can majorly aid in protecting against extreme weather conditions, such as heat waves and snowstorms.

What Are Some Other Benefits of an Insulated Commercial Door?

Insulated commercial doors have many other benefits as well. These doors can help reduce noise pollution, especially if you’re located at a busy location, so you and your employees can work with ease. In addition to that, insulated commercial doors provide better security and increased durability. Moreover, installing insulated doors can also help you get LEED points and tax relief as it is considered an energy-conserving, eco-friendly measure.

Choosing the Right Insulated Commercial Door

There are many different kinds of insulated commercial doors available in the market, so when choosing one for your business, make sure to choose the right one. Consider aspects such as your needs, the climate of your locality, and your budget.

Furthermore, choose a reliable door contractor such as USA Fire Door. USA Fire Door is a well-recognized commercial door and door hardware manufacturing business that can provide you with the best insulated commercial door for your business.

Final Thoughts

Insulated commercial doors offer many benefits for businesses of all kinds. They can help to improve energy efficiency, climate control, noise reduction, security, and durability. If you are looking for a way to improve the energy, cost efficiency, and comfort of your commercial space, insulated commercial doors are a great option!

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