Premium Laminated Glass for Commercial Use

Order laminated glass for windows, commercial doors, sidelites, transoms and borrowed-lites. Laminated glass has increased impact resistance and often remains intact after breaking. Laminated glass is recommended for commercial door lites and windows where impact is imminent. Work one on one with a commercial door, frame, hardware and glass specialist. Contact us for a quote.

Laminated Glass Types

Clear Laminated Glass - USA Fire Door

Clear Laminated Glass

Laminated glass with 2 sheets of 1/8″ glass fused together with clear inter-layer.

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White Laminate Privacy Glass - USA Fire Door

White Laminate Glass

Laminated glass with 2 sheets of 1/8″ glass fused together with opaque white inter-layer.

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Clear Laminated Glass - USA Fire Door

Fire-Protective Laminated Glass

Pyran Platinum L fire-protective laminated glass for commercial door lites.

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Laminated Glass Options

Laminated Architectural Glass: Laminated glass is produced by fusing multiple pieces of glass together with poly-vinyl-buterol interlayer sheets. This process strengthens the glass, makes it more resistant to shattering, and allows the glass to oftentimes remain intact after breakage

Human-Impact Safety Glass: Laminated glass is designed for use in commercial buildings where incidental impact may occur. Human impact safety glass is usually thicker, harder, and more impact resistant than conventional glass products.

Shatter-Safe Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is more resistant to shattering compared to conventional glass products.

Not Resistant to Heat: Although some laminated glazing product may be resistant to smoke, flames, and toxic gasses, most laminated glass products are not a barrier to radiant heat.

Security Glass: Because of its ability to remain intact after breakage, laminated glass is often used for security purposes. Laminated glass is strong, durable and resistant to impact from most people and objects.

Sound Resistance: Compared to typical tempered glass products, laminated glass is often a better insulator against sounds and audible noise.

  • Clear Laminated Glass – 2 Sheets of 1/4″ Glass Fused Together with a Clear Poly Vinyl Buterol Inter-Layer
  • White Laminated Glass – 2 Sheets of 1/8″ Glass Fused with a White PVB Inter-Layer for Added Strength & Privacy.
  • Fire Rated Laminated Glass – Pyran® Platinum L Laminated, Fire Protective Glass Ceramic for Doors & Windows

Standards & Listings

Impact Safety Standard: CPSC 16CFR 1201 (CAT I & II)

Impact Safety Class: ANSI Z97.1 2009A

Recommended Use

  • Commercial Windows & Doors: Laminated glass is recommended for use in commercial windows and doors.
  • Human Impact-Safe Glass: Laminated glass is recommended for use in areas prone to human impact.
  • Glass for Side-Lite Frames: Impact-safe laminated glass is frequently used in commercial side-lite assemblies.
  • Glass for Transom Frames: Laminated glass is frequently used inside of transoms above a door.
  • Borrowed-Lite Window Glass: Laminated glass is recommended for use in commercial “borrowed-lite” window assemblies.
  • Vision Lite Door Window Frames: Laminated glass is approved for use in commercial doors and vision lite window frames.

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