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Commercial Door Products

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Heavy Duty Commercial Steel Doors

Heavy Duty Commercial Steel Doors

Hollow Metal Doors for Interior, Exterior & Fire-Rated Openings

Hollow Metal Door Frames, Sidelites, Transoms & Windows

Hollow Metal Door Frames, Sidelites, Transoms & Windows

Steel Frames for Commercial Doors, Side-Lites, Transoms & Borrowed Lites

Fire-Protective Glass & Glazing Products

Fire-Protective Glass & Glazing Products

Fire-Rated Glass for Commercial Windows and Doors

Solid Core Commercial Wood Doors

Solid Core Commercial Wood Doors

Commercial & Fire Rated Solid Core Wood Doors

Commercial Metal Door Frames, Pre-Finished

Commercial Metal Door Frames, Pre-Finished

Pre-Finished Steel Frames for Standard-Duty Commercial Doors

Interior Aluminum Door Frames

Interior Aluminum Door Frames

Aluminum Frames for Interior Commercial Doors & Windows

Stainless Steel Doors for Commercial Use

Stainless Steel Doors for Commercial Use

304 & 316 Stainless-Steel Doors for use in Commercial Buildings

Stainless Steel Door & Borrowed Lite Window Frames

Stainless Steel Door & Borrowed Lite Window Frames

Stainless-Steel Window and Door Frames for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Door Hardware & Accessories

Commercial Door Hardware & Accessories

Lock Sets, Push-Bar Devices, Closers, Hinges & Infiltration Resistance

Vision Lites & Window Kits for Commercial Doors

Vision Lites & Window Kits for Commercial Doors

Add Windows to Metal and Wood Commercial Doors

Metal Door Louvers for Commercial Doors

Metal Door Louvers for Commercial Doors

Add Ventilation to Wood & Metal Commercial Doors

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Additional Product Info

Commercial Doors Commercial doors are designed to receive frequent use and to protect the life-safety of building occupants while securing the physical property. Many exterior commercial doors are made from metals like cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Commercial doors are often hung in typical single or double door configurations but are also hung in double egress openings and double-acting assemblies. Although metal doors can be used inside a building, solid core wood doors tend to be the majority of interior door material for most commercial buildings.

Fire-Rated Doors – Fire rated doors compartmentalize smoke and flames and help secure an emergency exit route for safe egress in an evacuation. Commercial fire rated doors are often made from wood, metal, and fire-rated glass or ceramic glazing material. UL fire listings are available in 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute, and 180-minute(3hr.) classifications.

Commercial Metal Doors – Commercial metal doors are steel doors that are designed for commercial use.  Also known as “Hollow Metal Doors,” commercial steel doors aren’t exactly hollow. Hollow metal doors have a non-metal internal core that provides additional rigidity and insulation. Fire rated metal doors can carry UL fire listings of 20-, 45-, 60-, 90- or 180-minutes (3hr.)

Stainless-Steel Commercial Doors – Stainless steel doors are known to have anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial properties in addition to all the benefits of cold-rolled or galvanized steel commercial hollow metal doors. Stainless steel doors are frequently used in airports, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical processing facilities, laboratories, medical centers, and other places where an anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial, or high-end commercial steel door is preferred.

Commercial Wood Doors – Commercial wood doors are solid core wood doors that can be constructed with paintable, stainable, factory finished or laminate door surfaces. Solid wood stiles, wood rails, engineered particle core and bond-to core construction serve as the baseline durability for frequent commercial use. Structural composite lumber core (SCL core) offers increased strength, stability, durability, and screw holding power for heavy-duty wood door applications. Fire rated wood doors can be manufactured to meet 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute UL fire listings. Wood fire rated doors require a mineral fiber core when labelled for 45-, 60-, or 90-minute fire door applications.

Hollow Metal Frames Hollow metal frames are made from 16 gauge or 14-gauge steel and can be mounted to concrete or block walls, steel, or wood stud walls, or nearly any wall type when the proper wall anchor type is ordered. Hollow metal frames can be configured as 3-sided door frames, double door frames, double egress frames, side-lites with glass beside the door, transoms with glass or a metal panel above the door, or borrowed lite fixed, inoperable, window frames for commercial or fire-rated windows and wall partitions.

Pre-Finished Steel Door Frames – Prefinished steel door frames are designed quick and low-cost installation in medium to light commercial openings. Prefinished steel door frames are most common in white, dark brown, black, or gray aluminum colors and typically used with pre-finished commercial wood doors.

Aluminum Door Frames – Interior aluminum door frames are made from extruded aluminum and offer a modern and sleek look with sharp, squared edges. Aluminum door frames are typically preferred in clear anodized aluminum, bronze anodized aluminum or black colors and typically used with interior wood doors that are supplied with factory stained or high-pressure plastic laminate door surfaces.

Door Window Kits & Vision Lites – Fire rated door window kits include a metal vision lite (door window frame) glass and glazing tape. Vision lites are available with varying designs, glass thicknesses, door thicknesses, material options, finish colors and additional security features.

Metal Louver Doors – Metal door louvers allow air flow through a door while maintaining privacy and security. Metal louvers can be fire-rated to 90 minutes when used in an approved assembly and are available in cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless-steel materials.

Fire-Rated Glass – Fire rated glass ceramic can carry UL fire listings to 180 minutes when used in approved sizes and assemblies. Fire rated glass ceramic is a wire-free, impact safe, fire-protective glazing material that’s approved for use in commercial doors, side-lites, transoms and fire-rated window applications. Safety wire glass is another type of fire protective glass that can carry UL listings up to 90 minutes when used in approved assemblies. In addition to its fire resistance, safety wire glass also provides a sense security by adding an internal wire mesh as a visual deterrent.

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Commercial Door Supply

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USA Fire Door is a distributor of commercial doors, metal door frames, fire-rated doors, solid-core wood doors, stainless-steel doors, commercial door hardware and fire-rated glass. We supply commercial door products to contractors and businesses throughout the United States.

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Our product lines include commercial steel doors, solid-core wood doors, stainless-steel doors, fire-rated doors, fire-rated glass, steel door frames, commercial door hardware and more.

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We supply material to public institutions, businesses and contractors for commercial door projects large and small.

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Work one on one with a commercial door specialist. Our dedicated account managers specialize in assisting clients from many backgrounds and experience levels. Save time and money. Find heavy-duty commercial door products that meet your material requirements, budget and schedule. Contact us to get started.

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We pride ourselves in being polite, resourceful, reliable and responsive regardless of order size, customer experience level or situation. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for choosing us.

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Unlocking Excellence In Commercial Doors

When it comes to commercial doors and hardware, the choice is more than just an entry point; it’s a statement of quality and reliability. At USA Fire Door, we pride ourselves in providing top-tier commercial door solutions that include not only fire-rated doors, but also a wide selection of non-fire rated door products suitable for nearly any commercial or industrial door application.

Our Core Services

Our commercial door products can be customized to meet a diverse range of needs:

1. Commercial Metal Doors (or Hollow Metal Doors):
Renowned for their durability, typical hollow metal door physical performance options include heavy-duty 18 gauge steel, extra heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, and maximum duty 14 gauge steel. Material options include cold-rolled, A40 galvanneal, A60 galvanneal, G90 galvanized, and 304 or 316 alloy stainless-steel. Customize nearly any commercial door and frame to fit your specific application seamlessly.

2. Commercial Wood Doors (or Solid Core Wood Doors):
Known for their versatility, solid core wood door material options include primed fiberboard for painted door applications, pre-finished or unfinished stain-grade wood veneer, and high pressure laminate door surfaces from Wilsonart, Formica & more. Typical wood veneer options include birch, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Custom wood doors are available in additional species, cut and veneer matching options. Open your commercial space to a world of design possibilities with USA Fire Door.

Tailored Customization: Design the ideal door or frame for your unique requirements. Whether you’re considering wood or metal doors with hollow metal frames, pre-finished steel door frames, or interior aluminum door frames, standard and custom options are available.

Nationwide Reach: Our commitment to accessibility sets us apart. We deliver to nearly any business or commercial construction site in the United States and work seamlessly with freight forwarders to arrange shipments throughout North America, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and beyond. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Chicago or Texas, USA Fire Door is there to support you.

Industry Expertise: Our dedication to excellence is backed by industry involvement. As proud corporate members of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), our organization and representatives provide high quality support to professionals in the commercial door and hardware industry. Additionally, our membership in the Better Business Bureau underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Benefits for You: Experience personalized customer service with a designated primary account manager that you can access directly by phone, text, and email. Save time, money and streamline your project by ordering all your commercial doors, metal door frames, commercial door hardware and glazing products from a single source; USA Fire Door.

Proven Track Record: With our history as one of the oldest online nationwide direct-to-consumer commercial door companies, we’ve supplied material for many well-known businesses, public spaces, government facilities and more. Our valued customers rely on USA Fire Door for our extensive experience, commitment to customer support, competitive pricing and high quality products.

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