Aluminum Frames for Commercial Spaces

Order interior aluminum door frames for commercial office spaces. Aluminum door frames are made from extruded aluminum frame profiles, hardware reinforcements and snap-on aluminum casing. Aluminum frames can be used for door frames, side-lites, transoms and borrowed lite windows. Work one on one with a commercial door and frame specialist. Contact us for a quote.

Aluminum Door Frames

Interior Aluminum Door Frame - Transom

Interior Extruded Aluminum Door Frames

Interior aluminum door frames are manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles that are designed to wrap finish walls. Aluminum door frames are designed for commercial interior applications where the design characteristics of anodized aluminum are desired. Order doors, aluminum door frames and commercial door hardware from one source. Contact us to work one on one with a commercial door, frame and hardware specialist.

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Aluminum Door Frame Options

  • Clear – Interior clear anodized aluminum door frames are made from non-dyed extruded aluminum.
  • Dark Bronze – Interior dark bronze anodized aluminum door frames are made from extruded and dyed aluminum.
  • Black – Interior black anodized aluminum door frames are made from extruded and dyed aluminum.
  • 20 Min. – 20 minute fire rated doors: 20 minute fire rated doors are used in 1-hour walls where smoke and draft control is a concern.
  • 45 Min. – 45 minute fire rated doors: 45 minute fire rated doors are used in 1-hour corridors, room partition walls, or exterior walls that may be subject to moderate fire.
  • 60 Min. – 60 minute fire rated doors: 60-minute fire rated doors are used in 1-hour walls that divide occupancies in buildings.
  • 90 Min. – 90 minute fire rated doors: 90-minute fire rated doors are required in two-hour walls, stairwells, elevator shafts, boiler rooms and exterior areas with severe fire risk.

Test Standards & Listings

Anodized Aluminum Finish Standards

Class II Clear Anodize AA-M10-C22-A31

Commercial Dark Bronze Anodize AA-M10-C22-A24

Class II Black Anodized AA-M10-C22-A34

Intertek/Warnock Hersey Fire Door Test Methods

Neutral Pressure: CAN/ULC S104 | NFPA 252 | UBC7-2 (1994) | UL 10B

Positive Pressure: NFPA 252 | UBC 7-2 Part 1 (1997) | UL 10C

International Standards: BS 476 | EN 1634-1 | ISO 3008

Recommended Use

  • Interior Aluminum Door Frames: Interior aluminum door frames are frequently used with wood commercial doors.
  • Fire Rated Windows and Doors: Interior aluminum door frames can be configured for use in fire-rated window and door applications.
  • Aluminum Side-Lite Frames: Aluminum frames can be fabricated as interior sidelite frames and supplied with pre-cut glass stops.
  • Metal Transom Frames: Aluminum frames can be fabricated as transom frames to accept glass above a door opening.
  • Borrowed-Lite Window Frames: Interior aluminum borrowed lites are fixed-windows frames that may be divided by mullions.

Interior aluminum door and window frames are made with extruded aluminum stick-material, hardware reinforcements and matching casing/trim. Interior aluminum frames are designed to wrap a finished wall. Once the frame is set into place, aluminum casing can be snapped into place to cover all fasteners and screws. Aluminum frames are recommended for commercial offices where modern aluminum door frames, side-lites, transoms, and interior windows are needed.

*Published prices include the approximate cost of a door or window frame only. Additional customizations and components are sold separately. Published prices are “estimates” based on current market conditions, and not guaranteed. USA Fire Door reserves the right to change pricing at any time. Final price quotations must be issued, in writing, by an authorized representative of USA Fire Door. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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