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Order commercial wood doors, fire-rated wood doors and commercial wood doors with glass. We supply commercial wood doors, steel doors, metal door frames and hardware to consumers throughout the US. Commercial wood doors are recommended for commercial door openings where a heavy-duty solid core wood door is required. Work one on one with a commercial wood door and hardware specialist. Contact us for a quote.

Commercial Wood Door Types

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Solid Core Commercial Wood Doors

Solid core commercial wood doors are manufactured from solid wood, engineered wood products, composite materials and wood veneer or high pressure laminate. Solid core commercial wood are manufactured for standard, heavy-duty and fire-rated commercial wood door openings. Order complete commercial door, glass and hardware packages from one source. Contact us to work one on one with a commercial wood door specialist.

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Commercial Wood Door Options

  • PC – Particleboard serves as the “standard” core material for most non-fire rated and 20-minute fire rated commercial wood doors.
  • SCL – Compared to particleboard core, structural composite lumber (SCL) doors are more durable and have better screw-holding power.
  • M45 – 45 minute mineral core wood doors can be labelled for use in 45 minute fire rated commercial wood door applications.
  • M60 – 60 minute mineral core wood doors can be labelled for use in 60 minute fire rated commercial wood door applications.
  • M90 – 90 minute mineral core wood doors can be labelled for use in 90 minute fire rated commercial wood door applications.
  • STC – Sound resistant doors are used in studios, theaters and applications where audible noise is a concern.
  • LL – Lead lined wood doors resist the transfer of radiation in medical, energy, aerospace, and industrial facilities. Lead lined commercial wood doors are most commonly found in hospitals and medical imaging rooms
  • 20 Min – 20 minute fire rated commercial wood doors can be used in 1-hour fire rated walls where smoke and draft control is a primary concern.
  • 45 Min – 45 minute fire rated commercial wood doors can be used in 1-hour fire-rated corridors, room partition walls, or other walls that may be subject to moderate fire.
  • 60 Min – 60 minute fire rated commercial wood doors can be used in 1-hour walls that divide occupancies in buildings.
  • 90 Min – 90 minute fire rated commercial wood doors can be used in two-hour fire-rated walls, stairwells, elevator shafts, boiler rooms and other areas with severe fire risk.
  • 161 – Cylindrical lock prep for standard commercial door lever sets.
  • 86 – 8″ tall x 1-1/4″ wide prep for mortise lock set. Available with or without function holes.
  • Panic – Internal blocking for surface mounted exit device. Available with or without prep for exit device trim.
  • RFID / Card Lock Prep – Hotel door prep for key-cards, RFID and other keyless lock types.
Standards & Listings


  • ANSI/WDMA I.S.1A-21 Industry Standard for Interior Architectural Wood Flush Doors
  • ANSI/WDMA I.S.1A-13 Industry Standard for Interior Architectural Wood Flush Doors
  • WDMA T.M. 6-14 Adhesive Durability | WDMA T.M. 7-14 Cycle-Slam Test
  • WDMA T.M. 8-14 Hinge Loading Test | WDMA T.M. 10-14 Screw Holding Capacity
  • WDMA T.M. 15-11 Vertical Edge Impact Test
  • Intertek/Warnock Hersey Fire Door Test Methods
  • Neutral Pressure: CAN/ULC S104 | NFPA 252 | UBC7-2 (1994) | UL 10B
  • Positive Pressure: NFPA 252 | UBC 7-2 Part 1 (1997) | UL 10C
  • International Standards: BS 476 | EN 1634-1 | ISO 3008
Recommended Use
  • Commercial Wood Doors: Commercial wood doors are designed for heavy-duty use. Often classified by architects as solid core wood doors, commercial wood doors are specified for interior commercial and fire-rated door applications. Commercial wood doors are versatile, durable, and cost-effective.
  • Fire Rated Wood Doors: Fire rated wood doors are available with 20, 45, 60 and 90-minute fire labels. Fire rated wood doors are designed to withstand smoke, flames, and toxic gasses while occupants exit the building. Commercial wood doors are frequently used in stairwells, corridors, entrances, elevator enclosures, and other areas where a fire-rated wood door is required.
  • Fire Rated Wood Doors with Glass: Fire rated commercial wood doors are available with either non-wired ceramic glass, or impact-safe wire glass. Fire rated wood doors with wire glass are frequently used in areas where an increased sense of safety or security should be observed.
  • Interior Wood Doors: Solid core wood doors are designed for interior use inside commercial buildings. Interior wood door skins can be made of fiberboard, HPL laminate, unfinished wood or pre-finished interior wood door surfaces.
  • Wood Office Doors: Solid core commercial wood doors are great for interior office spaces. Solid core wood doors provide privacy, reduce audible noise transfer, and fit with most interior designs.
  • Classroom Doors: Solid core wood doors are manufactured for use in schools and classrooms. Solid core wood doors are durable, designed for frequent use, and available with a full range of vision lite, glass, lock prep and fire labelling options.
  • Hospital Doors: Commercial wood doors are widely used in hospitals and medical buildings. Lead lined commercial wood doors are available for use in imaging rooms and other areas where the transmission of radiation is a concern.
  • Hotel Doors: Solid core wood doors are frequently specified for hotel door applications. Solid core wood doors are available with fire labels from 20-90 minute and custom lock prep for hotel card readers, RFID locks and other keyless entrance systems. Communicating, or “connecting” doors and frames are also available.
  • Wood Double Doors:  Commercial wood double doors can operate in several configurations. Pairs of wood doors can be hung as active/inactive pairs where one door functions as the primary door and the other remains fixed until it’s disengaged. Another configuration hangs two commercial wood doors, both active. In most cases active/active doors are used with surface vertical rod exit devices that latch each door at the top and/or bottom, allowing each door to operate independently.
  • Wood Doors with Glass: Commercial wood doors with glass allow occupants to see through a door before it is opened. Commercial structures require door glass to be made from impact resistant and/or tempered glass that that is resistant to impact and breaks into small pieces when it shatters. Typical configurations may include wood doors with square-, rectangle-, half-or full- lite glass.
  • Pre-Finished Wood Doors: Pre-finished wood doors are a great option for large projects or any application where a factory finished wood door is preferred. Pre-finished wood doors are available in standard finishes and color matched stains.
  • Plastic Laminate Doors: Plastic laminate doors are available with HPL surface laminates from Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite and more. Plastic laminate doors are available in solid colors, wood grains and patterns.

Commercial wood doors, or “solid core wood doors,” are manufactured by adhering paintable surfaces, real wood veneer sheets or high-pressure decorative laminate to an internal structure made of wood, fiberboard, and engineered core materials. Solid core wood doors can be made with paintable, stainable, decorative laminate, or pre-finished wood door surfaces. Internal construction options include engineered particle core, structural composite lumber, and 60 to 90 minute fire-rated mineral core. Add cutouts, vision-lites, door window kits and louvers to nearly any flush commercial wood door. Commercial wood doors are recommended for interior commercial door openings, fire-rated door openings or any internal opening where an un-finished or pre-finished wood door is preferred.

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