How Metal Door Frames Protect Your Business

Jul 10, 2023 | Commercial Doors

Undoubtedly, doors and door frames are some of the most rigorously used and important fixtures in an office, commercial, or industrial space. They are the first thing your clients see, their utility affects overall productivity and speed of work, and most importantly, they are your first line of defense against burglars, thieves, and people with ill intent!

While you may think that only the door that opens and shuts does all the work, it is important to keep in mind that door frames are the base on which doors are fitted. Instead of being designed for rough, rigorous use, a door frame must be made of a sturdy material that can withstand strong force without sustaining damage or budging even slightly from its place. Only then can it provide optimum security and safety!

Wood and fiberglass are commonly used materials in door frames, but they are useless when it comes to sustaining damage. A wooden or fiberglass-made door frame may look aesthetic, but it will easily crack or bend under strong force. This is why metal door frames are the ideal option, as they are highly practical, durable, sturdy, and tough!

Ensure the safety and security of your employees and valuable equipment with metal door frames! Let’s discuss why metal frames are the best choice for security!

What are metal door frames?

Door frames made of metal or metal alloy (typically stainless steel, iron, and aluminum) are called metal door frames. These frames have a sleek finish and last much longer compared to their wooden or fiberglass-made counterparts. In addition to that, metal door frames provide a superior grip and are sturdier, making them ideal for entrances and exits.

Some Common Metal Door Frame Types

Let’s have a look at some common types of metal door frames. These frames are typically available in 4 varieties based on their build material and finish, these are:

Hollow Metal Door Frames

Hollow metal door frames are made out of sheets of stainless steel (typically 14- or 16-gauge) and have space inside them. Stainless steel is a metal alloy containing iron and a set percentage of chromium that gives it its strength and glossy finish. In some varieties of stainless steel, nickel or other metals are added as well to get certain properties in the alloy.

Hollow metal door frames are widely used for fitting hollow metal doors in commercial and industrial spaces. Commercial steel doors are used very roughly and repeatedly and require a sturdy base or frame that won’t easily budge from its place. This is why hollow metal frames are most commonly used for commercial purposes, as they are made of tough stainless steel.

Pre-Finished Steel Door Frames

Pre-finished steel door frames are ready-to-fit door frames made out of 18- or 20-gauge steel alloy. These door frames are ideal for offices, restaurants, cafes, and other light commercial spaces. In recent days, an increasing trend has been seen in using pre-finished steel frames in homes and residential buildings. Many modern homeowners are choosing pre-finished door steel frames for their homes because of their simplistic look.

Pre-finished steel door frames are fire rated meaning they will protect your home or commercial space in case of fires. In addition to that, these frames are coated with a special kind of paint that prevents corrosion and rusting.

Stainless Steel Door Frames

Stainless steel door frames are another commonly used type of commercial metal frame. These frames are used majorly in factories and warehouses as they are extremely tough and offer high practicality. Stainless steel frames are made of sheets of 304- or 316-gauge steel alloy, primarily used for industrial purposes.

These frames are fire-graded as well and require minimal maintenance. Stainless door frames are also known for their longevity. Where wood or fiberglass door frames may need to be replaced every 4 to 6 years, a stainless-steel door frame can last up to 20 years before a major repair i needed!

Interior Aluminum Door Frames

Interior aluminum door frames are made out of extruded aluminum which is tougher and more durable compared to regular cast aluminum. These door frames have a very aesthetic and polished look, making them ideal for high-end offices, residential buildings, and homes.

Aluminum door frames are also very commonly used in minimalistic interior design for modern homes. Aluminum frames have a very long life as they do not rust or corrode and rarely require maintenance or repairs.

Where are metal door frames used?

Metal door frames are commonly used in the commercial and industrial sectors, in warehouses, factories, stores, and offices because of their high utility and many benefits. These frames are also being used in high-end residential buildings and modern houses.

The First Line of Defense

First and foremost, your door and door frame are your first line of defense against burglars, thieves, and people with ill intent. Your fixtures should be sturdy and tough so they can withstand strong force.

Keep in mind that along with the door, the door frame also plays a pivotal role in securing your doorways (such as entrances). The bolts of a door lock go into the door frame, and it must be made of strong material so that the door is shut securely and won’t break open by blunt force. This is why metal frames are the best, most secure options!

You can get metal door frames of any type and dimensions from USA Fire Doors, specialists in metal doors and door frames. USA Fire Door is a reliable and trustworthy name in the field that has been around since 2013. The company manufactures high-grade doors and door frames for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes.

Why Metal Door Frames Are More Secure Than Wood

Door frames are traditionally made from wood, and you might have seen many wooden door frames in not just houses but commercial settings (restaurants, cafes, stores) as well. These door frames were once very popular, and some people still prefer them because of their warm, homely feel. However, wooden door frames have a lot of disadvantages.

Firstly, wood can very easily crack under strong, blunt force, making it a poor choice when it comes to security. Even if your door is made of the toughest metal, if your frame is wooden, it is completely useless as it will crack open with a single, strong blow. Secondly, wood can swell or shrink with time and changes in external conditions such as temperature and humidity. This means regular maintenance expenses and repair costs. Moreover, a fire can very easily lick up a wooden frame and spread to other areas!

How Metal Door Frames Can Deter Intruders

Metal door frames are excellent for deterring intruders and burglars. These hard metal frames do not crack under strong force and keep the door bolts fitted and secure in their place. In addition to that, these frames have a much stronger grip compared to frames made of other materials. This makes them hard to budge from their place, even after years of rough use.

Moreover, metal frames provide secure locking. Where a wooden frame may cause a gap to appear in the latch bore after some years, there is no such issue with metal door frames. Your door will securely lock without any gaps in the frame. In this way, your unwanted intruder won’t have any weak points to work on for breaking in!

The Importance of Strength and Durability

Metal door frames have incredible strength and durability. These frames are extremely durable and can last for years without maintenance and repairs. Not only does this mean that they provide superior security, but it also means that these frames are a one-time investment.

Where you might have to spend maintenance and repair costs on wooden or fiber-glass made frames every few years, you won’t have to spend any such costs on a metal frame for at least a decade!

Fire and Impact Resistance

Most metal door frames are fire-grade; this means that these frames won’t get damaged under extreme heat or by a fire. In case an accident happens and a fire erupts, you can securely shut your door to stop flames from spreading to other regions, saving your employees and valuable equipment.

Moreover, metal frames are impact resistant, which means that they can withstand blunt, strong blows or impacts. This makes them ideal to be used as security door frames or for entrances.

Metal Door Frames: The Unsung Heroes of Security

Most of the time, we undermine the importance of a sturdy door frame when considering security. Where a solid door is pivotal for safety and security against thieves and burglars, a sturdy door frame will keep it securely fitted in its place. This makes metal door frames the unsung heroes of security as they play a big but unnoticed part in keeping you safe!

Creating a Safe and Secure Workplace

Metal door frames will help you create a safe and secure workplace for yourself and your employees. With these tough and sturdy frames, you won’t have to worry about unwanted intruders or people with ill intent getting into your workplace!

Some Extra Benefits of Metal Door Frames

Let’s have a look at some added benefits of metal door frames.

#1. Customizability

You might think that metal, being hard, is not customizable. However, due to modern metalwork techniques (such as casting, etching, and engraving), you can get a metal door frame in almost any design!

#2. Easy to Install and Maintain

Metal door frames are extremely easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden frames, you won’t have to spend heavy maintenance or repair costs on metal frames. Just keep them clean, the hinges oiled, and you’re all good!

#3. A Cost-Efficient Solution

Metal door frames are, in many ways, a cost-efficient solution. They are cheaper as compared to their wooden or fiber-glass-made counterparts. Moreover, you won’t need to replace these sturdy frames for at least 20 years!

Final Thoughts – The Unsung Heroes of Security: The Role of Metal Door Frames in Protecting Your Business

Door frames made out of metal or metal alloy are called metal door frames and are available in various types. Metal door frames are largely used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Due to their strength, sturdiness, and impact resistance, these frames provide unmatched security. They are the ideal choice for heavy-duty security doors.

USA Fire Door is a well-reputed and trustworthy door frame manufacturing company that can make metal door frames of any type, design, and size for you! If you’re looking for durable, long-lasting, and sturdy metal door frames for commercial or residential use, make sure to reach out to our steel door and door frame specialist!

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