Why Metal Door Frames are Better than Wood

Jul 15, 2023 | Commercial Doors

You have to admit that doors and door frames are some of the most prominent and important fixtures in a house, office, or commercial space. They are the very first things your guests or valued clients see and make a general impression of you! Moreover, they play a pivotal role in keeping unwanted intruders out and ensuring the safety and security of your family, employees, and valuables!

While the doors play a main part in this, door frames are the base on which these doors are fitted! They contribute majorly to your space’s overall look and securing your doorways. So, if the door frame is of inferior quality and material, having even the strongest and most stylish door is useless!

Metal and wood are the two most common options available when it comes to door frames, and many new home and business owners are often left confused while choosing between them!

Wood is the traditional choice; people often go for it because of its warm, homely feel. However, wooden frames have a lot of disadvantages. They can swell and shrink with changing temperatures. They can break or bend under blunt force with other weather conditions, requiring regular maintenance and frequent repairs. This is why we recommend hollow metal frames!

Let’s compare wood and metal door frames and see why metal frames are the superior choice!

What Are Metal Door Frames?

Door frames manufactured from metal or different metal alloys are called metal door frames. These frames are mostly made from steel or aluminum. They are designed to withstand rigorous, rough use.

Metal frames are available in different varieties, such as hollow metal door frames, stainless steel door frames, pre-finished steel frames, and aluminum frames. You can get a custom hollow metal frame in any size and configuration based on your needs.

Where Can Metal Door Frames Be Used?

Primarily, metal door frames are used for commercial and industrial purposes. You may have seen metal frames in factories, warehouses, grocery stores, offices, high-end commercial buildings, and pharmacies. These frames are tough and can withstand a lot of force, so they are mostly used for fitting security hollow metal doors in entrances and exits.

In addition to that, there has been an increasing trend in the use of metal frames in interior designs. Modern interior designers and homeowners who want a minimalistic look go for stainless steel or aluminum metal door frames, as these options perfectly complement the simplistic interior. You might have encountered metal door frames in modern homes and luxury residential buildings.

You can order metal door frames of any variety and configuration from USA Fire Door, the specialists in metal doors and door frames. A reputable and trustworthy name in the field, USA Fire Door has been manufacturing premium quality doors and door frames since 2013. The company specializes in building high-grade metal door frames for industrial, residential, and commercial use.

Metal Door Frames vs. Wood

Today, door frames are available in a variety of materials such as fiberglass, PVC, wood, and of course, metal. Out of all these, wood and metal are the popular choices, and both have different properties.

Wood is the material traditionally used for making doors and door frames. Wooden doors and door frames have been used for centuries in homes and commercial spaces. However, due to the practicality and durability of metal frames, they are slowly taking the place of their wooden counterparts in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors!

People usually go for wooden frames as they give off a warm, homely vibe and are generally associated with luxury and grandeur. Moreover, a lot of people also think that metal does not offer as wide a range of customizability as wood does; however, that is not true. Due to modern metalworks, you can get metal door frames even in wooden design and feel! In addition, metal frames combine luxury with modern simplicity, making them the superior choice for high-end homes.

Why is metal the superior choice?

Metal door frames are superior to wooden frames in more than one aspect. Metal frames offer better grip, are much more sturdy and tough, require less maintenance and repairs, and provide much better security as compared to wooden ones. Let’s discuss these properties in detail and see how they make metal frames better than their wooden counterparts.

#1. Strength and Durability

First and foremost, steel door frames provide superior strength and durability as compared to wooden frames. Metal frames are made of steel alloy or extruded aluminum, which does not break or bend under blunt force. Wooden frames, however, easily crack or lose their shape in case of strong impact. This makes metal frames the superior choice for fitting security commercial doors or industrial hollow steel doors.

In addition to that, metal door frames are designed for rough, repeated use and are highly durable. You won’t have to worry about wear or tear with frequent use of metal frames, something that is quite common in wood-made door frames.

#2. Fire Resistance

Most metal door frames are fire-grade, which means that they are fire-resistant and can easily withstand extremely high temperatures for a long period. This is something extremely important for frames in industrial and commercial use. You definitely don’t want serious damage in case an accident happens, and a fire breaks out in your home or business space.

Flames of a fire can quickly lick up a wood-make door frame and spread to other regions causing extensive damage and loss. This is why metal frames are the better option, as they are fire-resistant and will stop flames from spreading, saving your employees, equipment, family, and valuables in case of a fire eruption.

#3. Corrosion Resistance

Metal door frames have much better corrosion resistance as compared to wooden frames. Wood-made frames are much more prone to corrode due to environmental conditions as compared to metal ones. An insect infestation (particularly termites) can quickly eat up a whole wooden frame in a matter of days! Whereas there is no such problem with metal door frames.

Metal frames are coated with a special paint that prevents rusting and corrosion and also makes them weather-resistant. These frames are unaffected by rains, storms, strong winds, high humidity, and extremely high and low temperatures.

#4. Appearance

Metal door frames have a major edge over wooden frames when it comes to appearance. Metal frames, particularly stainless steel and aluminum, have a sleek, glossy look that makes any space look modern and stylish.

Moreover, different stylish varieties are available in metal frames, such as borrowed lite frames and transom frames, with fixed-glass windows fitted. Such frames make any modern home or office interior look a hundred times better!

#5. Customizability

Contrary to popular belief, metal door frames are highly customizable. People commonly think that the range of customizability offered in wood is much wider as compared to metal. However, modern metalwork techniques, such as casting, engraving, etching, etc., allow us to customize our metal frames just like we want!

You can get a custom metal frame in any design and configuration imaginable. You can also get a metal frame designed in any shape based on any unique door openings your home, office, or business space may have. There is also a wide variety of paint jobs offered in metal frames; you can choose wooden paint styles or give your frame a matte or glossy finish in any shade!

#6. Lifespan

One of the major aspects in which metal frames are much better than wooden frames is lifespan. Wooden frames will likely swell, crack, or deform with time, frequent rough use, or changing weather conditions and temperature. Wood frames require frequent repairs and can only last 5 to 8 years with regular maintenance.

Whereas metal door frames are known for their longevity, frames made of stainless steel or aluminum can last as long as 20 years before the need for a major repair arises! This is why most businessmen and factory owners prefer metal frames and doors, as they are a one-time investment.

#7. Security and Safety

Metal frames provide superior security and safety. Metal door frames, thanks to their strength and toughness, are much better at deterring thieves, burglars, and people with ill intent as compared to wooden frames. Where a wooden frame may crack and open with a single strong blow, a metal frame won’t even sustain a dent, thus keeping your loved ones, employees, and valuables safe.

In addition to that, a wide variety of security lock systems can be installed very conveniently on metal door frames. These frames are ideal for external doors and won’t budge from their place in case of harsh winds or storms!

#8. Cost-Effectiveness

Metal door frames, due to their high utility and practicality, are amazingly cost-effective. With metal frames installed in your home or business, you’ll have peace of mind that you spent your money right! Wooden frames can cause issues due to swelling and shrinking, which, if installed in frequently used doorways, can result in an overall decrease in productivity and efficiency of work. Thankfully, there is no such issue with metal frames, and they won’t disturb the pace of work.

Furthermore, metal door frames are highly cost-efficient as well. Unlike wooden frames, you won’t have to spend frequent and heavy repair or maintenance costs on metal door frames. These frames are sturdy and rarely need maintenance. Even if they do require a repair, it is usually solved with minor welding.

#9. Environmental Impact

Metal door frames are the more eco-friendly option than wooden ones as they do not require cutting of trees (contributing to the deterioration of the environment). Metal frames also do not contaminate the ecosystem as they are recyclable and can be reused. They also require less energy to manufacture, making these frames energy efficient as well.

#10. Maintenance of Metal Door Frames

Metal door frames, surprisingly, require very minimal maintenance. Just keep the hinges, and the latch bore clean, and you’re all good. These metallic frames are very easy to clean as well. Where cleaning substances may damage the surface of a wooden frame, you can conveniently clean a metal frame with a strong disinfectant, and it won’t affect the surface in the least.

Final Thought: Metal Door Frames vs. Wood: Why Metal Is the Superior Choice

Door frames are commonly available in two varieties; wood and metal. Where wood is the traditional choice of most people, it has a lot of cons. Wooden frames can swell and corrode with frequent use and changing temperature conditions, require frequent maintenance and repairs, and have a shorter lifespan.

This is why we recommend metal door frames: they are strong, durable, long-lasting, fire-resistant, do not require frequent repairs, are cost and environment-friendly, and provide excellent security and safety! Explore a wide range of options of metal door frames at USA Fire Door.

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