Support Ticket Received

We will review your order and respond promptly with an update.  Most responses are received within 1-4 working hours.  We appreciate your business and continued support.  Thank you for choosing USA Fire Door!

Help Us Serve You Better


Schedule accordingly and order in advance

We recommend our clients order in a time frame that puts material on site at least one week before the planned install date.  Our estimated production times are very accurate, but unforeseen delays do happen from time to time.  Help us to serve you better.  It’s always best to solve a problem before it actually becomes a problem.  Thank you for scheduling accordingly.

Thoroughly check your paperwork before you order

Always check your estimate / order confirmation before you place an order.  Making changes after an order has been placed leads to delays in production.  Ordering the wrong sizes or items, leads to delays and costs money.  Make sure you have thoroughly checked your order before you sign off. Prevent bottlenecks in information to minimize delays.

Understand Our Terms & Conditions

Freight Damage

All packages should be opened and inspected in the presence of the driver.  Any freight damage must be indicated on the bill of lading (carrier paperwork) and be reported within 24 hours of receipt of goods.  Freight damage claims will only be honored if damage is noted on the carrier bill of lading at the time of delivery.  Indicate damage for any damaged products, pallets, packing material, plastic or metal banding, shrink wrap, do not stack cones, do not tip indicators, or in any instance you cannot confirm that all products are received in brand new condition.  In the event a delivery driver will not allow you to inspect the material, please mark the shipment as damaged on the bill of lading.  All freight damage should be marked on the carrier bill of lading and photographs of damaged components must be emailed to support@usafiredoor.com within 24 hours.

Missing or Incorrectly Received Items

Missing or incorrectly received items must be reported within 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all material received is inspected in a timely manner and that all missing or incorrectly received items are reported, by email within 24 hours.  USA Fire Door will not honor any missing or incorrectly received item claims reported outside of the 24 hour period. Do not wait to report any missing or wrong items. If you receive errant items contact support@usafiredoor.com immediately.

Manufacturing Errors

In the event you receive material that is not in accordance with your signed estimate / work order confirmation please notify support@usafiredoor.com immediately.  Do not attempt to modify any material.  Modification of incorrectly received material will render it non-returnable and void your claim. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all material is thoroughly inspected. Order discrepancies must be reported by email with clear photographs and relevant details of the problem.

Defective Products & Warranties

USA Fire Door processes warranty claims in accordance with original the manufacturer warranty of the product purchased.  To report a defective product or warranty claim, please send photographs and a brief description to support@usafiredoor.com