Paintable Red Oak Interior Solid Core Commercial Wood Doors

Solid core wood construction. Paint grade red oak veneer.


Paint Grade Oak Interior Door

Our paint grade red oak interior solid core wood doors are intended for use in painted interior door applications. The A/B grade face provides a durbale surface that may include minor blemishes and/or an imperfect grain pattern making it a lower costing paintable option than an architectural grade red oak door. This commercial wood door is great for interior door applications in commercial offices, retail, hospitality and more. All of our commercial wood doors can be factory prepped to almost any harware type and location. The paint grade red oak solid core wood door is recommended for any interior commercial application where a low cost paintable door is required.

Red Oak Veneer Interior Wood Door Features:

  • paintBrushPaint Grade “A/B” Face
  • fireFire Ratings up to 20 Minutes
  • double-doorDouble Door Configurations Available
  • scSolid Core Wood Construction
  • adaADA Compliant

Starting At: $170

Sizes & Core Type

PC Core Non Rated & 20 Min. Fire Rated
Door SizeHinge LocationsHW Location
(Feet/Inches)Door Size (Inches)(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)Part Number 
2/6 x 6/830″ x 80″ x 1-3/4″Hinge & HW Prep to Any LocationsPC-PGO-2668 
2/8 x 6/832″ x 80″ x 1-3/4″Hinge & HW Prep to Any LocationsPC-PGO-2868 
3/0 x 6/836″ x 80″ x 1-3/4″Hinge & HW Prep to Any LocationsPC-PGO-3068 
2/6 x 7/030″ x 84″ x 1-3/4″Hinge & HW Prep to Any LocationsPC-PGO-2670 
3/0 x 7/036″ x 84″ x 1-3/4″Hinge & HW Prep to Any LocationsPC-PGO-3070 
3/0 x 8/036″ x 96″ x 1-3/4″Hinge & HW Prep to Any LocationsPC-PGO-3080 
Additional Sizes & Options Available By Quote

Factory Prep Options


VL 12″ x 12″


NL 7″ x 22″


NL 5″ x 35″


NL 6″ x 27″


1/4 Glass (6″ x 56″)


1/3 Glass (8″ x 56″)


Half Glass


Full Glass