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Terms & Conditions

Payments & Deposits:
Full payment is required for all orders with estimated lead times of 7 work days or less. All orders with estimated lead times exceeding 7 work days require a 50% deposit with the remaining balance due prior to shipping.

Lead Times:
Due to the complexity and many custom options of the products we offer, lead times can vary from one order to the next. USA Fire Door recommends scheduling delivery of your products at least one week in advance of your scheduled work start date. Please consult your USA Fire Door representative, or review the product page for estimated lead time information.

Change Orders & Order Cancellations:
All Order Changes or Cancellations Must Be Reported Within 24 Hours. All change orders or cancellations requested after 24 hours are subject to the approval of USA Fire Door and are based on the production schedule & logistics of each individual order. USA Fire Door will accommodate all reasonable change order requests depending on the production status of the effected product. Additional charges may apply. USA Fire Door reserves the right to reject any change order request submitted more than 24 hours after the original order was placed. Please contact your account representative or support@usafiredoor.com for questions related to order changes & cancellations.

USA Fire Door does not allow returns for any material sold & received as ordered. If you are unsure of the material you need for your project please consult a licensed contractor or qualified professional before making a purchase. We will not, by any means accept returns for custom, modified, prepped, pre-finished, or previously installed products that have been specially fabricated, or altered whatsoever from their originally stocked, re-sellable condition. For information regarding freight damage, defective products, warranty services or order discrepancies please see below. For more information about our return policy please contact support@usafiredoor.com

Freight Damage:
All packages should be opened and inspected in the presence of the driver. Any freight damage must be indicated on the bill of lading (carrier paperwork.) Freight damage claims will only be honored if damage is noted on the carrier bill of lading at the time of delivery. Indicate damage for any damaged products, pallets, packing material, plastic or metal banding, shrink wrap, do not stack cones, do not tip indicators, or in any instance you cannot confirm that all products are received in brand new condition. In the event a delivery driver will not allow you to inspect the material, please mark the shipment as damaged on the bill of lading. All freight damage should be marked on the carrier bill of lading and photographs of damaged components should be emailed to support@usafiredoor.com.

Defective Products & Warranties:
USA Fire Door processes warranty claims in accordance with original the manufacturer warranty of the product purchased. To report a defective product or warranty claim, please send photographs and a brief description to support@usafiredoor.com

Missing or Wrong Items Received:
Missing or incorrectly received items must be reported within 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all material received is inspected in a timely manner and that all missing or incorrectly received items are reported, by email within 24 hours. USA Fire Door will not honor any missing or incorrectly received item claims reported outside of the 24 hour period. Do not wait to report any missing or wrong items. If you receive errant items contact support@usafiredoor.com immediately.

Incorrect Prep/Specifications & Order Discrepancies:
In the event you receive material that is not in accordance with your signed estimate / work order confirmation please notify support@usafiredoor.com immediately. Do not attempt to modify any material. Modification of incorrectly received material will render it non-returnable and void your claim. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all material is thoroughly inspected. Order discrepancies must be reported by email with clear photographs and relevant details of the problem.

USA Fire Door Is Founded On Service, Integrity & Value
USA Fire Door will honor all legitimate claims in accordance with our terms and conditions. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you! If you need assistance of any sort please contact support@usafiredoor.com

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