800 Series Steel Louver Door Insert With Inverted Y Blades

The 800 series steel louver door insert with Y blades provides 50% free flow area ventilation and is constructed with an 18 gauge steel frame and 20 gauge inverted Y blades. This steel louver door insert with Y blades is intended for use in non fire rated commercial door applications.


  • Self attaching
  • Non vision
  • 18ga. steel frame
  • 20ga. steel blades
  • Non fire rated
  • Custom size and material options
  • Custom powder coat finish options

Starting At: $75

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WidthHeightFinishMaterialPart NumberSale Price
12″12″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-1212B$75.00
12″12″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-1212G$75.00
12″18″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-1218G$106.00
18″12″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-1812B$90.00
18″12″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-1812G$90.00
18″18″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-1818B$106.00
18″18″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-1818G$106.00
18″24″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-1824B$121.00
18″24″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-1864G$440.00
24″12″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-2412B$106.00
24″12″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-2412G$106.00
24″18″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-2418B$115.00
24″18″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-2418G$115.00
24″24″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-2424B$148.00
24″24″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-2424G$148.00
24″60″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-2460B$424.00
24″64″(B) Mineral BronzePowder Coated CRS800A1-2464B$437.00
24″64″(G) Gray PrimerPowder Coated CRS800A1-2464G$437.00



Custom Options
*(16CRS) 16ga. Cold Rolled Steel:  List Price x 1.5
*(J) Galvanneal Steel:  Add 20%
*(E) Electro-Zinc Plated For Maximum Corrosion Resistance: Add 20%
*(S) #4 Satin Stainless Steel: List Price x 4 
*(FB-INS) Framed Fiberglass Insect Screen: $10.00 / Sq. Ft.
*(AL-INS) Framed Aluminum Insect Screen: $12.00 / Sq. Ft.
*(BR-INS) Framed Bronze Insect Screen: $20.00 / Sq. Ft.
Custom Sizes