Commercial Steel Doors

Non-Rated & Fire Rated Metal Doors for Commercial Use

Shop for commercial steel doors of nearly any size, material, core type or configuration. Choose from non-rated and fire rated commercial steel door options with vision lite windows, louver inserts and custom hardware prep. We offer both non-rated and fire rated steel doors with vision lite windows, louver inserts, and custom hardware prep. Choose from our large selection of quick ship products or find low prices on custom steel doors and frames. Our expert level customer support team specializes in supplying commercial metal doors and frames that are code compliant, easy to install and under budget.

Model 1 Hollow Metal & Insulated Steel Doors

Model 1 Hollow Metal & Insulated Steel Doors

Model 1 full flush commercial steel doors serve as the base standard in the commercial metal door industry. Shop for non-fire rated & fire rated steel doors for use in commercial buildings.   

Model 2 Seamless Edge Commercial Steel Doors

Model 2 Seamless Edge Commercial Steel Doors

Model 2 commercial steel doors offer many of the same benefits as full flush metal doors, but include seamless vertical edges that have been welded and ground smooth.  

Custom Hollow Metal & Insulated Steel Doors

Custom Hollow Metal & Insulated Steel Doors

Order custom hollow metal doors and insulated metal doors for use in commercial and industrial buildings.  Save time and money by working with a commercial door expert!
Commercial & Industrial Stainless Steel Doors

Commercial & Industrial Stainless Steel Doors

Shop for stainless steel doors to meet a wide range of commercial and industrial requirements.  We offer stainless steel doors in both 304 & 316 marine grade alloys.
Steelcraft Hollow Metal Doors

Steelcraft Hollow Metal Doors

Steelcraft is among the world’s most specified brands of hollow metal doors.  Shop for Steelcraft L series, SZ series, T series and CE series 6 panel commercial doors.

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Commercial Steel Doors

Order Non-Rated & Fire Rated Commercial Metal Doors

Fire Resistance Ratings For Steel Doors

20 Minute Fire Rated Steel Doors are typically used in corridors where smoke and draft control is needed. The minimum wall rating for a 20-minute door is 1 hour.

45 Minute Fire Rated Steel Doors are occasionally required in corridors and room partitions, as well as some exterior applications that may be subject to light or moderate fire from outside the building.

60 Minute Fire Rated Steel Doors are typically used to divide occupancies in a commercial building.

90 Minute Fire Rated Steel Doors are required in openings of vertical enclosure or egress through a building. Typical examples of these openings include stairways and elevator shafts. 90-minute fire rated doors are also required in exterior door applications with a potential for severe fire exposure from the outside.

3 Hour Fire Rated Doors are typically required in openings that divide buildings or separate a building into designated fire areas.

Adding Windows & Louvers To Metal Doors

Vision Lite Window Inserts can be added to any flush steel door.  Vision lite windows can be specified in nearly any size or location as long as the door maintains its structural integrity and meets any applicable building codes.  Some restrictions apply in fire rated glass doors and ADA complaint (Americans With Disabilities Act) openings.

Louver Door Inserts are available in a wide range of designs, materials and colors. 20, 45, 60 & 90-minute fire rated louver doors are available in sizes up to 24″ x 24″.

Safety & Fire Rated Metal Doors With Glass

Glass Options for Steel Doors include Cat 1&2 clear tempered impact safety glass, Wired impact safety and fire rated glass, Lexan safety glass, Pyran PPF or Kera KFRF impact safe, ceramic fire rated glass. Our non-fire rated glass is also available with insulated pane, frosted and mirror glass options.

Acceptable Manufacturers & Industry Standards

SDI (Steel Door Institute) members include well known manufacturers such as Steelcraft, Ceco, Curries, Republic, Mesker, HMX, Pioneer and more.  SDI was formed to create uniformity in the commercial door industry.  Although not all manufacturers are members of this organization, many have adopted the same manufacturing processes and standards.

Full Flush Metal Doors vs. Seamless Edge Metal Doors

Model 1 full flush steel doors have a visible edge seam where the sheet metal face interlocks.  Model 1 full flush doors are the most commonly ordered, or “standard” type of hollow metal door.

Model 2 seamless steel doors are the same as model 1 full flush metal doors with exception to the visible edge seam.  Model 2 doors do not have a visible edge seam and are considered “seamless”.

Specifying 14ga, 16ga or 18 Gauge Steel Doors

Level 1: Level 1 standard duty 20ga. steel doors include 20-gauge sheet metal faces.

Level 2 (USA Fire Door Standard): Level 2 heavy duty 18ga. steel doors include 18-gauge sheet metal faces.

Level 3: Level 3 extra heavy duty 16ga. steel doors include 16-gauge sheet metal faces.

Level 4: Level 4 maximum duty 14ga. steel doors include 14-gauge sheet metal faces. Level 4 is the highest physical performance level defined by SDI (Steel Door Institute)

Metal Door Core Options

Honeycomb: Honeycomb core commercial steel doors include a paper “honeycomb” core that provides stability and dent resistance to a metal door.

Polystyrene: Polystyrene core metal doors have a high-density foam core that is dent resistant, but has higher sound reduction and insulating value than most honeycomb core doors.

Polyurethane / urethane: Urethane core doors offer the highest level of insulation among the standard steel door cores.

Steel Stiffened: Steel stiffened doors have vertical steel stiffeners inside the door.  The steel stiffeners provide the highest level of durability and forced entry resistance.

Mineral Core: Mineral core is a poor conductor of heat.  In steel doors mineral cores are used to prevent the heat transfer from one side of a fire rated door to the other.  Mineral core steel doors are often referred to as temperature rise doors.

Custom Steel Door Options

Custom steel doors can be manufactured to meet nearly any commercial or industrial door requirement. Custom hollow metal doors can be made from cold rolled steel, A40, A60 galvanneal & G90 galvanized steel door options. Choose from 18, 16 or 14 gauge steel doors. Select polystyrene, honeycomb, steel stiffened, temperature rise, polyurethane.  Add vision lite window inserts, integral lite cutouts with built-in stops and custom glass and more.  Contact your account manager for questions or quotes!