S50 20 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel Commercial Doors
Polystyrene insulated core, fire rated to 90 minutes


The G-S50 commercial steel door is an economical option for lite commercial and multi family residential applications. Constructed from 20 gauge cold rolled steel and a polystyrene insulated core, the G-S50 commercial steel door is great for stairways, office entry doors, exit doors or any other application where a low cost hollow metal door may be required.


  • thermometerPolystyrene Insulated Core
  • fireWarnock Hersey 90 Minute Fire Label
  • adaADA Compliant
  • double-doorDouble Steel Door Configurations Available

Starting At: $182.00

Shop By Size & Hardware Prep

161 Cylindrical Lock Prep
Door SizeHinge LocationsHW Location
(Feet/Inches)Door Size (Inches)Net Panel Size(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)Part NumberSale Price
3/0 x 6/836″ x 80″ x 1-3/4″35-3/4″ x 79-1/8″ x 1-3/4″7-3/8″37-5/16″67-1/4″X39-9/16″G-S50-161-3068$182.00
3/0 x 7/036″ x 84″ x 1-3/4″35-3/4″ x 83-1/8″ x 1-3/4″7-3/8″39-5/16″71-1/4″X43-9/16″G-S50-161-3070$192.00

Factory Prep Options


VL 12″x 12


NL 6″ x 27″


Half Glass




CL8 8” x 56”


CL6 6” x 56”


NL 5” x 35”


NL 7” x 22”


SEC 10” x 6”


LV 12″x 12″


LV 18″ x 12″


LV 18″ x 18″


LV 18″ x 24″


LV 18″ x 64″


LV 24″ x 12″


LV 24″ x 18″


LV 24″ x 24″


LV 24″ x 60″


LV 24″ x 64″
Shop ModificationsPart NumberSale Price
Cut-Out Non Reinforced/Non Fire Rated (24″ x 36″ Max)G-MOD-CUT1-NR$50.00
Lg. Cut-Out Non Reinforced/Non Fire RatedG-MOD-CUT2-NR$64.00
Cut-Out with Channel Reinforcement (24″ x 36″ Max)G-MOD-CUT1$80.00
Lg. Cut-Out with Channel ReinforcementG-MOD-CUT2$100.00
Mail Slot Prep -Non Fire RatedG-MOD-CUT-MAIL$40.00
Door Viewer PrepG-MOD-DV$10.00
Deadbolt Prep: 2-1/8″ Dia.G-MOD-DB$50.00
Deadbolt Prep: 1-1/2″ Dia.G-MOD-DB1.5$50.00
Face Prep For Exit Device TrimG-MOD-RIMF$30.00
Card Lock Face Prep for 86 Mortise Edge DoorsG-MOD-CARD$50.00
Convert 86 Prep to 161 PrepG-MOD-86161$50.00
Inactive Door: Prep for ASA Strike & Flush BoltsG-MOD-INA$100.00
Flush Bolt Prep OnlyG-MOD-FB$80.00
Weld-on Flat AstragalG-MOD-ASTW$30.00
Deadbolt Strike Prep for Inactive DoorsG-MOD-DBS$24.00
Blank-Out ASA Strike for Inactive DoorsG-MOD-XSTR$24.00
Door Height Undercut (4″ Max)G-MOD-CUT-DHT$70.00
Fill, Sand & Prime Edge SeamG-MOD-FILL$30.00
Factory Hinge Prep (per hinge)G-MOD-HINGE$40.00
Blank-Out Lock Edge & FaceG-MOD-XLOCK$30.00
AccessoriesPart NumberSale Price
Conversion Plate: Mortise Lock To Cylindrical LockG-ACC-1024$10.00
Conversion Plate: Mortise Lock To 4 7/8″ ASA StrikeG-ACC-1043$10.00
Filler Plate: 161 Latch 1-1/16″ X 2-1/4″G-ACC-161F$2.00
Filler Plate: 86 Mortise Edge 1-1/4″ X 8″G-ACC-86F$4.00
Steel Flat Astragal With Metal Screws for 6/8 DoorsG-ACC-FA68$20.00
Steel Flat Astragal With Metal Screws for 7/0 DoorsG-ACC-FA7$22.00
Steel Flat Astragal With Metal Screws for 8/0 DoorsG-ACC-FA8$24.00
Hinge Shim for Steel Doors 4-1/2″G-ACC-HIS$1.00
Glass Stop 96″ Length Drilled for ScrewsG-ACC-1035$8.00
Filler Plate: ASA Strike 4-7/8″ x 1-1/4″, 1-5/8″ LipG-ACC-ASAF$2.00
Gray Primer Spray CanG-ACC-PRIMER$6.00
Additional specifications are available from your account manager
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