Commercial Fire Door Color Options

Galvanizing is available for all painted finishes and is REQUIRED in areas subject to high humidity, corrosive atmosphere or exterior installations.

Stock Colors

Standard PriceTimely carries a large raw materials inventory of Stock finishes.

  • browntone-chipBROWNTONE
  • westernWhite-chipWESTERN WHITE
  • primerEG-chipPRIMER EG (SC109)*†
Pre-Matched Custom Colors

Custom color matching is also available. Submit color chip for matching. Consult factory for pricing.

  • navahoWhite-chip1NAVAJO WHITE (CC104)
  • winterWhite-chipWINTER WHITE (CC105)
  • whiteWhite-chipWHITE WHITE (CC301)
  • whiteSmoke-chipWHITE SMOKE (CC302)
  • boneChina-chipBONE CHINA (CC303)
  • designerWhite-chipDESIGNER WHITE (CC304)
  • charcol-chipCHARCOAL (CC401)
  • CapeCodGrey-chipCAPE COD GRAY (CC402)
  • neutralGrey-chipNEUTRAL GRAY (CC403)
  • Nickel-chipNICKEL (CC404)
  • driftWood-chipDRIFTWOOD (CC501)
  • sandyBeach-chipSANDY BEACH (CC502)
  • cameoBeige-chipCAMEO BEIGE (CC503)
  • cozyPeach-chipCOZY PEACH (CC504)

Add 52¢ per ft.

  • autumnBrown-chipAUTUMN BROWN (SC102)*
  • black-chipBLACK (SC103)*†
  • StoneGrey-chipSTONE GRAY (SC106)*
  • alumatone-ChipALUMATONE (SC108)*⊗
  • brownSugar-chipBROWN SUGAR (CC601)
  • cocoa-chipCOCOA (CC602)
  • doeSkin-chipDOESKIN (CC603)
  • harvestMood-chipHARVEST MOON (CC604)
  • cordovian-chipCORDOVAN (CC701)
  • rubyRed-chipRUBY RED (CC702)
  • roseDust-chipROSEDUST (CC703)
  • mauveMist-chipMAUVE MIST (CC704)
  • pacificBlue-chipPACIFIC BLUE (CC801)
  • Twilight-chipTWILIGHT (CC802)
  • countryBlue-chipCOUNTRY BLUE (CC803)
  • jade-chipJADE (CC901)
  • kentuckyGrass-chipKENTUCKY GRASS(CC902)
  • miamiWaters-chipMIAMI WATERS (CC903)
  • malibuGreen-chipMALIBU GREEN (CC904)
  • blacknickChopBLACK NICKEL (CC 905)◊
Elite Series
  • Colors shown may vary slightly.
  • solidbrassBRIGHT SOLID BRASS (ES201)
  • stainlessSteel1STAINLESS STEEL 430 BRIGHT (ES204)
  • brushedStainless1304 #4 BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL (ES206)

*Available for Adjustable Frames in powder coat

†Available prefinished for Fixed Throat Kerf frames

⊗Close match to clear anodized aluminum

◊Metal Plating with Clear Coat Gloss