Galvanizing is available for all painted finishes and is REQUIRED in areas subject to high humidity, corrosive atmosphere or exterior installations.
Stock Colors
Standard PriceTimely carries a large raw materials inventory of Stock finishes.
  • browntone-chipBROWNTONE (SC101)*†
  • westernWhite-chipWESTERN WHITE (SC107)*†
  • primerEG-chipPRIMER EG (SC109)*†
Pre-Matched Custom Colors
Custom color matching is also available. Submit color chip for matching. Consult factory for pricing.
  • navahoWhite-chip1NAVAJO WHITE (CC104)
  • winterWhite-chipWINTER WHITE (CC105)
  • whiteWhite-chipWHITE WHITE (CC301)
  • whiteSmoke-chipWHITE SMOKE (CC302)
  • boneChina-chipBONE CHINA (CC303)
  • designerWhite-chipDESIGNER WHITE (CC304)
  • charcol-chipCHARCOAL (CC401)
  • CapeCodGrey-chipCAPE COD GRAY (CC402)
  • neutralGrey-chipNEUTRAL GRAY (CC403)
  • Nickel-chipNICKEL (CC404)
  • driftWood-chipDRIFTWOOD (CC501)
  • sandyBeach-chipSANDY BEACH (CC502)
  • cameoBeige-chipCAMEO BEIGE (CC503)
  • cozyPeach-chipCOZY PEACH (CC504)
Add 52¢ per ft.
  • autumnBrown-chipAUTUMN BROWN (SC102)*
  • black-chipBLACK (SC103)*†
  • StoneGrey-chipSTONE GRAY (SC106)*
  • alumatone-ChipALUMATONE (SC108)*⊗
  • brownSugar-chipBROWN SUGAR (CC601)
  • cocoa-chipCOCOA (CC602)
  • doeSkin-chipDOESKIN (CC603)
  • harvestMood-chipHARVEST MOON (CC604)
  • cordovian-chipCORDOVAN (CC701)
  • rubyRed-chipRUBY RED (CC702)
  • roseDust-chipROSEDUST (CC703)
  • mauveMist-chipMAUVE MIST (CC704)
  • pacificBlue-chipPACIFIC BLUE (CC801)
  • Twilight-chipTWILIGHT (CC802)
  • countryBlue-chipCOUNTRY BLUE (CC803)
  • jade-chipJADE (CC901)
  • kentuckyGrass-chipKENTUCKY GRASS(CC902)
  • miamiWaters-chipMIAMI WATERS (CC903)
  • malibuGreen-chipMALIBU GREEN (CC904)
  • blacknickChopBLACK NICKEL (CC 905)◊
Elite Series
  • Colors shown may vary slightly.
  • solidbrassBRIGHT SOLID BRASS (ES201)
  • stainlessSteel1STAINLESS STEEL 430 BRIGHT (ES204)
  • brushedStainless1304 #4 BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL (ES206)
*Available for Adjustable Frames in powder coat †Available prefinished for Fixed Throat Kerf frames ⊗Close match to clear anodized aluminum ◊Metal Plating with Clear Coat Gloss